Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Don't get between me and my coffee!

12,000 jobs to be cut at Starbucks. :(

Well, not quite the end of the world... But if you've ever seen me go through my 6th MUG of coffee during the day, you'd know I feel for all the closed starbucks.
Starbucks cutting 600 stores, 12,000 jobs

Although, I do wonder, how many cities have more than 600 Starbucks retail outlets (including those inside supermarkets). ;) Like Santa Monica... ;)

I happen to really like the Starbucks 'bold' coffees. Oh, I cheap out and often buy Trader Joe's, Cosco brand, or other good but lower cost beans; but at least once a month I buy a bag of Starbuck's beans. I remember what coffee was like pre-Starbucks and I dread returning to those days of poor quality coffees.

Note: My coffee is strong and black. If you can see light through it, its not great coffee. So I'll focus on Starbucks instead of the Horrid June car sales (kudos to Honda).

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sandman said...

Yeah, that will suck for a lot of people (employees and customers both).

I'm not a huge fan of Starbucks beans, but I love quite a few of their drinks (and I'm an admitted coffee snob, with far too much invested in espresso making at home).

Can I suggest that you try Peets or Caribou? Peets may even be local to you, but I have to get it shipped - don't get me started on shipping fees, yikes! Both of those are fresh roasted, which makes all the difference in the world. I couldn't function without these companies, they're the next best thing to roasting at home (I warned you I was a snob :)).

tozwp said...

Try coffeebeandirect sometime. I've been buying from them for the past three years. There coffees are great and prices can't be beat. Personal favorite is their dark Guatemalan. http://www.coffeebeandirect.com/

wannabuy said...


I'll look at the link!


You are a coffee snob! I have my preferences, but I haven't tried the home roasting.

Added comment:
Just thinking, is this going to put a crimp in Starbuck's plans to grow from 13,000 to 40,000 stores? ;)


Link broken up to fit. The Hoffey and Boo video is one of their better ones. (If you're not already a fan, warning... campy like Python, but missing the British humor.)