Friday, July 25, 2008

California wage proposal

Ok, it was probably stagged to get headlines. The Governator is proposing cutting state wages in CA to $6.55/hour until a budge is signed. LA Times article . I do not take this proposal seriously.

But a scary thought, the state needs to raise $10 Billion quickly during tough credit times. Otherwise its not going to function until the April tax collection time. I'm thinking this budget will not get resolved for a while.

During the Great Depression, Federal wages were twice cut. Will California have to lead off with a government wage cut? I'm serious. The crisis is that bad.

Any which way, this state will have affordable housing by 2011.

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bodrie said...

I think the Gov should be cutting the salaries of the all Legislators until they can come up with a budget. They created the overspending mess. Now they should learn the consequences.