Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Take on a Boarder

You wouldn't believe what's on ABC right now.

How to save money...

1. Take in a border
2. Make your own coffee (with a hint to use the counter top)
3. Drink tap water
4. Put yourself on two wheels. *
5. Adjust the thermostat (Turn down the A/C or heat)**
6. Bundle phone, internet, and cable
7. Pare down your plastic (Call for a lower rate)***
8. Get a library card, (but it was for renting videos... sigh)

* "What the smart person is doing today, instead of buying that 2nd car, is to buy a scooter."

** We recently stopped this (Wife is pregnant) and its raised our monthly bill by $5... huh?

*** Why not just do without and pay them off? Sheesh!

Note: The border comment had me laughing! We already have a housing surplus and they're advising people

There has been discussion that this is the 'Back to basics Christmas.' Yea... I think we're already there. (Hat tip Rob Dawg...)

Got Popcorn?

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