Sunday, June 29, 2008

Google Analytics

I switched to Google Analytics at the end of May. For some reason, it took a few days to get the site feed up and going. Maybe this is due to my lack of articles for a bit? ;)

Site Usage
2,379 Visits
3,179 Pageviews
1.34 Pages/Visit
82.18% Bounce Rate
00:02:15 Avg. Time on Site
45.61% % New Visits

My latest records show that I'm getting a constant ~700 visitors a week (this is down from late last year). Its is my goal to write enough articles to make the time worthwhile for my readership. Do note that in August my first child will be born, so if there is downtime... I'll just have to rebuild the viewership. ;)

To my daily visitors from Bangalore, Norway, and Sweden, thank you. I'm pleasantly surprised to have daily readers from that area. Almost half my readership is from the massive "Westside LA" routers in West Hollywood (includes Santa Monica inland). While I have a decent readership in the SouthBay part of LA, I was surprised more of my readers live north of the 10 freeway.

The article previous to this is my inventory graphs.

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The Anonymous said...

Neil - this is the type of report that gives me hope - higher end may start to fall quicker due to job loss:

Maybe it works out like this - low end gains built on junk loans disappear driving prices lower while high end close in places are ok. Then as the low end has started to recover (increased sales), it has dragged down the economy so much that it starts a whole new round of declines starting at the high end. Maybe? Dunno, but like the political slogan of the 80's its the economy stupid.

bearmaster said...

Hi Neil,

Congrats to you and Nancy on the first little one coming! No wonder you have been busy, it must be a very exciting time for you both.

Just looked at your earlier post about emotions (denial, anger, acceptance) in the market. Would you still believe that despite some unsold properties sporting markdowns from original asking prices of over 30% below original asking price Shorewood Realtors still refuses to acknowledge there is a serious slump in the south bay beach cities!?! Beach cities median price showed a substantial decline in May but Shorewood won't even say anything about the luxury market slowing down, only that it is a "psychological adjustment", and that demand "remains strong" even though sales in May were well down YOY. As for the price decline, the firm only says that it's "hard to say whether that it is the start of a trend" because foreclosures aren't as big a problem there as they are in surrounding areas.

Time is definitely on the side of the bears. When Shorewood finally acknowledges in its press release that there is a major slump in the South Bay, that will be another milestone in our progress towards resolution of this train wreck.

Shorewood's unwillingness to admit to a problem reminds me of the Japanese emperor broadcasting to his people "The war is not going as we had hoped" when he surrendered to American forces in WW 2.

wannabuy said...

Shorewood Realtors still refuses to acknowledge there is a serious slump in the south bay beach cities!?!

Lol They'll deny all the way down. ;)

Coworkers are moving in droves...
Too many engineering jobs available to want to 'ride it out' in an overpriced market.

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