Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Realtors at the mall

On the housing bubble blog a thread went into how a realtor is now working retail to make ends meet. So the question is, if you saw someone that you knew had once been a realtor; now working the register/counter/food court, what would you say to them? What are the most likely places you'll find them in 2008?

2nd part of this new "fun series." What wacky headlines do you expect to see in the papers in 2008?

Got popcorn?


Rob Dawg said...

Do you get a comission on those fries?

South Florida Housing Bubble said...

I was in a warehouse club a couple of days ago and saw an aquaintance I know. He had been in the mortgage broker business for the past 20 years.

He gave me a card and told me to give him a call if I were interested in buying a new Kia.


I was going to ask him, "If I finance one of those Kia's, can I get me a loan with an intitial teaser rate, no money down, and no documented income?"

I resisted.

Anonymous said...


Good one South Florida Housing Bubble!

Yep I was going to say car salesperson as well.

I really think that by 2008 many of them will be in a very similar job as real estate, Politics.

Tim said...

Hey also,

Why buy a Kia with a no doc loan? Kia's are practical, why not get a Ferrari, Bugatti or Rolls Royce?

Just like the real estate market, if you're going to default why not do it in style?

The realtors will all be in politics next year to bale you out of your car loan as well.

Home Owner insurance company said...

Very interesting, thank you.