Sunday, August 12, 2007

Iron Auger part Deux

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the next edition of Iron Auger.

Today we have a "journalist" trying to paint the blogger world in the worst light. He thinks that by belittling us that we can be made irrelevant. He takes are schadenfreude as evil without noting which idiots we're laughing at.

Well tonight we have strapped to the table George (see attached link). He thinks he's being helpful putting us down? I don't think so!

I call forth, barrel of yogurt! That's right, 42 gallons of fun to clean the mind. Let's start the show.

because my links never quite work:

FYI, this series is meant in fun. But the REIC is pulling out all the stops to discredit those that are spreading the truth. I do not advocate any punishment against any member of the REIC. I've just lost my patience with their BS and the BS of their stooges in the media.

We express are schadenfreude at those who committed fraud, so exhibited greed and yet for some reason expect our pity. Its not there. You borrowed against your home for toys... well that was a loan; pay up. When we bears buy, we'll buy when its possible for a middle class schmuck to keep the home, without refinancing! We've done without for years and just cannot understand how irresponsible people can be considered adults. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!

If you ever bothered to listen to anyone who survived the great depression, you would know people brought this onto themselves.

Ok, enough serious, back to the event!

Folks, we're going to have to bring out the foot pump to get it all in. :) Oh, he's squirming, but we still have 38 gallons to go!

Got popcorn?


Justin said...

A quote from the George Chamberlin story:

"In concert with much of the national and local media, they have been able to artificially construct something that has never ---- I repeat, never ---- been done before: drive down housing prices at a time when unemployment is low, the economy is booming and consumer confidence is approaching record highs."

Unemployment is low, based on honest and trustworthy government numbers, like the rate of inflation numbers I suppose?
Economy is booming- he means China's right?
Consumer confidence is approaching record highs-
but retail spending is down, credit card borrowers are going to face a higher monthly bill form all their spending, Wall Street looks more like 1929 than 2007...
Are you sure his name isn't Nevelle Chamberlin?

Justin said...

Candidate for the coveted Iron Auger:

Alice Rivlin
Former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve

Because of what she said on the TV show Nightly Business report (NBR)

I forgot to tape it but this is basically what she said,
“Sub prime was helpful to get people into houses that they would not have otherwise been able to get into so they were good from that respect”

No you eff'd up former Fed Head dead head, getting people into houses with sub-prime is NOT the same thing as helping people get into houses that they could stay in and not get kicked out due to foreclosure.

Considering it was the Federal Reserve that created this mes with super E-Z lending rates of 1% everyone from the Federal Reserve deserves a dishonorable mention for the coveted Iron auger Award.

wannabuy said...


Good candidate. Let me go find some links.