Thursday, August 09, 2007

ECB Injects $130 Billion to Ease Jittery Markets

Fair use quote:
Mounting fears that the U.S. subprime crisis is spreading to Europe prompted the European Central Bank to loan €94.841 billion ($130.2 billion) in emergency funds to European banks this morning, the first time it has taken this type of action since just after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Concern that European banks face growing losses on investments linked to U.S. mortgages shot the euro zone's overnight borrowing rates to 4.7% today, their highest since October 2001 and well above the ECB's benchmark financing rate of 4%.

Basically, the ECB is going to dump every penny they need to keep rates down at 4%.

I'm thinking the new "implode-o-meter" hedge fund meter is going to ratchet up quickly.

This is getting scary. I'm having trouble taking any positive spin seriously. Normally I'm polite and patient; lately I just snicker when J6P goes pro-RE. Am I the only one who feels like a neutron financial bomb has already gone off? Its like walking in the world of the dead; they just do not realize they're in trouble. When some people talk I have to restrain myself from grabbing them and shaking while shouting "Do the math, that cannot happen!"

One of the goals I'm failing at on this blog is to provide job flow information. Alas, my rumor mill has dried up. Its almost like the prospects out there are too scary to contemplate.

For example, Amgen is looking to lay off up in Thousand oaks; this was the front page of the dead tree LA times this morning. Zero mention about their new buildings in Colorado. The fact is they need the best and brightest to develop new medicines. For what they can pay, those people expect to buy matching Volvo's (per the LA times article) and other toys; you cannot do that and live in Thousand Oaks. Besides, they need to cut just to provide parking! (The LA Times article noted they have hired valets to stack park cars.) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Something is wrong when hiring valets is cheaper than building parking.

I know Northrop, Lockheed, and Raytheon are moving people out of state; but is it only a trickle? Boeing? Defense groups are laying off. They talk about how the 787 has borrowed 1,000+ engineers from defense programs, but the reality is that most of those engineers either took the Seattle/Wichita/travel job or were to be laid off too. The one exception is their satellite group.

It looks like I'll know something more about job migration in November. Yes... 90 to 120 days from today... It seems all of the defense contractors are waiting for the new fiscal year before announcing anything.

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Justin said...


I do not want to be the bearer of bad news, nor do I want to cause you to develop insomnia, but I feel I would be letting down you and the readers of this blog and other housing blogs if I didn't inform you of the following information.

This concerns Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, The GSEs in general in relation to the US Treasury.

The tinyurl

The link itself

Key quote:
"The GSEs also greatly benefit from the market's perception that the U.S. government guarantees or stands behind GSE obligations, which results in preferential funding rates being provided to the GSEs.
On behalf of Treasury, I want to reiterate that the GSEs' debt and other financial obligations are not backed by the federal government."

This is found in the tenth paragraph, starting with the phrase:
"In addition to ensuring that the new housing GSE regulatory agency has powers..."

It is the fourth sentence in. You may read it yourself from the treasury site if you wish.

Please be so kind as to pass this information onto other housing blogs. I feel it would be very informative

wannabuy said...


Thanks for the link.

My dad has been *obsessed* with the scenario of Fannie/Freddie failing for about 3 years... So I'll pass this on to him.

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tj & the bear said...

Yes... yeeesssss...... you're coming along nicely.

Just a little more grooming and you'll be ready to join the "depression camp".

Neil, if you've been reading my posts for the last couple years you know none of this surprises me. Come over to the dark side; accept your fate.