Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Iron Auger: NAR predicts 1% decline in home sales

I'm starting a new series here on my blog. In the best tradition of "Iron Chef," we're going to have Iron Auger. If you've been reading the HBB and Auger Inn's posts or NnvMrtgebrkr's continuation, you'll understand. Otherwise you'll just think I'm sick.

The rules? Someone says something so stupid that they deserve a painful anal probe; thus they are "selected" to be a contestant on Iron Auger. Just like Iron Chef, there will standard and visiting Iron Augers.

I need suggestions for the Iron Augers. ;) Have fun with that. Of course the chief Iron Auger will be: JOSHUA TREE! We'll also see speckled trout, barrel cactus, and the barrel of yogurt as common Iron Augers. But what other one's should there be?

Now today's Iron Auger:
"With the population growing, the demand for homes isn't going away it's just being delayed," Lawrence Yun, NAR's senior economist, said in a statement. "More buyers, and cutbacks in new construction, will eventually draw down the inventory levels and support future price appreciation, but general gains will be modest next year. Serious buyers today have a long-term view of housing as an investment -- speculators have left the market."

(In the Iron chef tone, spotlights highlight barrel of Yogurt, speckled trout but finally focus on...)

I call forth, JOSHUA TREE!

Got popcorn?


Rob Dawg said...

Kind of the opposite of the "Gee Beav, ya think?" game.

wannabuy said...

Kool you're guest blogging for "jim the realtor."

Sorry if this is tacky... but I'm so tired of the idiot lying!

So any suggestions for Iron Augers? Any articles that highlight contestants? ;)

Got popcorn?