Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best Places to Earn a living

Because not everything is gloom and doom. ;)

Forbes has this article

In Forbes' order:
Washington D.C.
New York, NY
San Francisco
Funny though.. .Minneapolis and Boston are having major real estate declines...

Milwaukee is known to be having major issues due to the drop in tooling orders (its America's #1 city for 'old school' machine tools).

Houston I see as #1. Why? Its doing a phenomenal job of attracting high end manufacturing. Its not just the commodities bubble.

Pittsburg is doing well too. It didn't bubble too much and the banks there (e.g., Mellon) are among the healthiest.

Dallas I'm a bit surprised... I wonder if this article was written on stale data.

So overall, I think this article was bunk. Yea... NY and DC are still doing better than most. But some of the cities on their are in economic dire straits and thus this is just a fluff article. But its a fluff article that will make people feel good.

But is that enough to get us through the credit crunch and the Fall/Winter slump in real estate sales? I don't think so.

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