Sunday, December 16, 2007

U-haul index #3

This is my third U-haul index. We continue to see a trend indicating job flow out of California continues.

The last one:
The first one:

I look at the cost of a 26' truck picked up on a Saturday (12/22/2007).

Redondo Beach to Las Vegas: $397 Return: $186

90277 to Phoenix, Az: $692 Return: $179

90277 to Dallas Texas: $1440 Return: $436

90277 to Austin Texas: $1236 Return: $407 (Cost to Austin is WAY down)

90277 to Spokane, WA: $2996 Return:$498

Basically, the conclusions are the same.
1) We have job flow out of California. Texas seems to have job growth.
2) The u-haul dealers in Austin have their act together (finally). The cost to Austin is so much less than it was 8/15/2007.
3) I still cannot figure out the premium for Spokane. Anyone know what's up?
4) Don't forget, this isn't about population growth. Day laborers, students, and others whom have little to no possessions don't rent a u-haul, they pack up the car.

Heck, I bet more than a few SUV owners are taking everything with that 'toy trailer' and otherwise abandoning the furniture.

Anyone else waiting for United Van lines moving survey?

Here is the 2006 survey

Will Washington DC still be high inbound? I expect its long record to be broken.
I was surprised to see California "low outbound" last year. Will it remain that way, or go back to being 'high outbound.' Oh well... last survey was 1/8/2007. It will probably be released on the 7th or 8th of 2008. So again, patience.

Got popcorn?


OCInvestor said...


My cousins in Seattle told me 10 of thousands of people are moving to Seattle area every day.

wannabuy said...


Well... they're not moving to Florida anymore. ;)