Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oprah and real estate

No, Oprah hasn't done a show on the housing crisis. But when will she? My thoughts behind this are simple; many of the REIC blame the 'NEWS' for housings' woes. Now... what could up the tempo of the News? I think talk shows could change J6P's mind more than anything else.

Now... maybe I should say 'Joe six Pack' but rather 'Jane six Pack.' For whom really pushes the purchase decision? I believe it is the wife. So if we do start seeing episodes on the talk shoes on the sadness of the housing crisis... expect a big shift. The pressure to buy would... evaporate in but a few episodes.

Personally, I think its only a matter of when, not if, Oprah has a foreclosure show. However, the real impact will be when its time for a week long special on housing on Oprah. (Let's face it, she appeals to a HUGE demographic.) However, I'm bearish enough to expect this 'week long special' to occur quarterly. :(

Any predictions on when this will happen? I think spring of 2009.

Got popcorn?


Westside Bubble said...

My wife was watching Oprah today, with guest Maria Bartiromo on, among other things, whether one should buy a house now (yes and no, but concluded that prices are falling). So it's already happening.

wannabuy said...

Woa! Thanks for that tidbit. I didn't expect it to start this early.

A good sign for buyers. When Oprah talks... a lot of housewives listen.

Got popcorn?