Wednesday, March 21, 2007

M. Mouse in on mortgage fraud.

Some things are too funny and have to be shared.

"Around the same time, an examination of a $500,000 California delinquency revealed a daycare worker falsely claiming to make $13,000 a month - out of her home!

The con that will no doubt go down in company history involved a delinquent borrower who signed his loan paperwork as - you're gonna love this - M. Mouse. Yes, that's M as in Mickey.

"The originator bought it back," says Kevin Kanouff, who heads up the surveillance part of Clayton's business. "That would have been a tough one to refute."




(edit: broke above into two lines to allow display on screen).

The whole article is worth reading (note: definately MSM fluff though).

This one deserves a:

Got popcorn?

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