Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Co-workers stock predictions

First, this blog is for entertainment only! Do not make investment decisions based on some loon posting on the net.

I have a co-worker who has been pretty good predicting short term bounces in the market. His predictions?

3/14/07 Climb back up to ~12,400 on the Dow.

End of week... Due to noise, not as tight of a prediction, but most likely 11,700. However, due to market noise, he is giving a window of 10,900 to 11,900. In other words, down for the week from today's close, but a range of possibilities.

This is only fun and games. What's your prediction?

Fair use of Yahoo stock quote.

Got popcorn?

Edit 9:23 PST The Nikkei is down 2.98%... so I'm beginning to think this was optimistic.


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TJ & The Bear said...

No specific numbers here. As I stated at CR, though, I believe the top is in and the secular bear will now reassert itself. Going down!