Tuesday, March 27, 2007

LA inventory (per Zip realty) March 27th update

Its March 27th and Los Angeles Inventory per Zip realty has broken through the highest value I recorded last year. Now... I think I missed last year's peak by a few thousand, so this might not be a true peak. Also, this inventory includes far flung places that many would not consider LA. However, its a repeatable measure and thus one I started to track.

What I find interesting is the slope keeps increasing. I've also been trackign both national on ziprealty and a few south bay cities since September. Hat tip to OCrenter's excellent blog. My data tracking is but a poor copy of his methods. National inventory is also shooting up, but the beach cities... are pretty flat.

But the above graph gives me hope. Even knowing that a few thousand of the growth units have been Palmdale and Lancaster. This downturn has a pattern. Its about to repeat.

Got popcorn?

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