Saturday, April 07, 2007

Video of Real estate roller coaster

I'm obsessed. Someone has created an incredible little video of the inflation adjusted price of real estate (from Shiller's book).

I'm having issues with youtube allowing posting to this blog, so pardon the link.

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I'm afraid pretty much everyone I know will be getting to see this video. My favorite part? The coaster is turning the final corner (2006) and you look back to see the previous trend of real estate... Way down below. It leaves the viewer to question where the market is going in a way that normal graphs just don't drive home as effectively.

One thing I would like to change is to put the ground level at the median income. (e.g., hills and valleys). But I only critique as I'm so excited about this format of showing just how overpriced homes are today. Showing how prices bounce above and below real median income would be a great little additional tidbit.

Got popcorn?

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Todd said...

i also noticed that video...and i have my popcorn!