Friday, February 09, 2007

Take your home equity and run

Why the blog entry? It amused me to see a MSM article on cashing out and moving

Why? Because I know HUNDREDS of southern California aerospace engineers who need to do this in order to retire at a reasonable level.

Think they'll turn down a transfer to an area where $500k buys a mansion and $400k buys the McMansion on 3/4 acre bordering a forest? Ok, some will. A lot won't.

Interesting times.
Oh, the stock market was interesting today. But still no 2% decline in... forever.

Got popcorn?


TJ & The Bear said...

A little correction:

A massive house -- IMHO 5000sf+ -- on 3/4 acres is a true mansion. McMansions are fairly large houses (3000sf+) on tiny lots.

BTW, you check the prices on PMs lately??

wannabuy said...


All the local definition. :)

I'm shocked at what the MBS market did this week (including today, this is being typed on Friday). Ghad!

Happening fast. Joe Sixpack will know about this soon...

Got popcorn?