Saturday, February 03, 2007

Best way to find a 3 bedroom apartment?

In a month or two I need to switch to a larger abode. As a bear, I'm certainly not purchasing. Not to mention I'm on a one year assignment.

The best compromise between my job and my fiancee looks to be Santa Clarita, CA. (Where the 14 and 5 intersect, north of the city.) Any recommendations on the lowest cost way to get an apartment/townhouse? We do not want to rent anything that takes effort to take care of (I've been warned, mandatory 60+ hour workweeks for this new position from late summer on.) Recommendations?

I'll certainly be able to save though in 2007! The new waiver came in, I'm salary yet I'm to be paid for every hour of overtime in 2007. :)

I've tried various web services... nothing too exciting. Yes, rents have dropped. Maybe I just have to negotiate? Oh... I'll have no trouble renting (1st, last, deposit is no problem. High FICO, good references, etc.)

Got popcorn?


TJ & The Bear said...


Congrats on all the relationship "moves", and on the new position!

Santa Clarita, eh? Gets mighty hot up there in the summer! Just take a weekend day and drive around up there in neighborhoods you like, plus stop in a 7-eleven and grab all the local rags.

You're right about the web, although definitely keep an eye on Craigslist and Recycler. We tried WestSideRentals back in 2000, but I don't know how well they cover the SCV.

Good luck!

TJ & The Bear said...

Another link for you:

The Big Picture

Check out the post on "Household Cash versus Debt". I especially love paragraph 9 (that starts "More disturbing still...").

wannabuy said...


Interesting link.
Less cash definately means less time to hold out. I believe the median household can get by a whole 2 weeks without a pay check. Gads...

At my current burn rate, I'd have to find work in 7 years (excluding unexpected medical costs). :)

I'm definitely "hunkered down."

Superbowl is tomorrow. My... I can just see how the selling season is about to take off. Well... at least more open house signs at intersections of interest. ;)

Got popcorn?