Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"substantial cooling of the housing market."

The fed kept rates constant

On growth, the Fed said that the economy has slowed this year reflecting a "substantial cooling of the housing market." It added the word "substantial" to describe the housing slowdown in this statement.

preceeded by:
In its statement, the Fed continued to signal concerns about inflation, stating, "The Fed judges that some inflation risks remain." That is the phrase the Fed has been using to signal that further rate hikes are still possible unless inflation slows more.


Its starting... and the fed is between a rock and a hard place. I wouldn't want to be BB... he has a tough job ahead.

A coworker and I just had a discussion and what he wanted to know is "when will they lower interest rates again?" It took a while, but when I explained that if rates don't go up his pension would be reduced... He wasn't as adament about a return to low rates.

Interesting times ahead. Any bets on when the first hedge fund is taken under by credit default swaps?


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