Saturday, December 02, 2006

Resort style living

There are currently 4 properties for available at 1800 PCH in Redondo Beach. This "is a gated wal-street community located just blocks to the sand & water and the Riviera village." Not to mention a community with a $292 HOA. These homes are truly "fallback" homes for individuals who have to live somewhat near the beach. All seem to be 3 bedroom and 2.5 or 3 bath residences.

We have one "A" model, one "B" model, and one "C" model for sale. Come pick your model! Also, for a limited time only, we have a "C" model for rent for a mere $3,400/month. Ummm... I've seen bigger places for $700 or $900 less per month. Convieniently, three of the properties are on one flier. Since that flier has 3 and 2.5 bath townhomes on it... I'm going to assume the bathroom discription is accurate. (Yea... I know, "assume"...)

The properties:
#11, a 3bd/3bath 1622 ft^2 for $3,400/month. "C" model
#17 a 3bd/3bath (or is that 2.5 bath? B model of 1672 ft^2) offered at $719,900
#64 a 3bd/3bath 1622 ft^2 "C model" for $729,500
#89 a 3 bdr, 2.5 bath 1500 ft^2 at $740,000

I haven't compared the amnenities. But that HOA makes these $750k properties after negotiation... Is it worth it? But with 4 properties on the market... during the slow season... I'm seeing a dutch auction.



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