Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hub travel down dramatically at Las Vegas

I also frequent aviation forums. Normally, the topics have nothing to do with real estate. However, THIS THREAD

US's ASMs at LAS are down 27% year-over-year,

Translation: US Airways has cut Available seat miles from Las Vegas by 27% in one year. Partially, this is due to competition from Southwest airlines, but its also due to weak O&D at Las Vegas right now.

How much of the downsizing is due to consolidation at Phoenix? How much due to high oil prices? How much due to lack of demand at Phoenix?

Read the post by SirOmega, #32. If SirOmega isn't a Housing Bear on the blogs... he is in person. (Note, that is a moderated forum, so post deletions might change the number of the post.)

Got Popcorn?

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tj & the bear said...

WOOHOO! I'm short LVS, and there's lots of room to fall.

BTW, looks like the Fed's attempt to contain the blaze via setting backfires may have inadvertently set off a true firestorm. Better make that a case of brewskis, plus some ice cream to comfort the wife (since she can't have that bottle of wine).