Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Aircraft, boats, and homes

I know I haven't been the best at keeping up the posts since the wedding. Mea Culpa.

Ok... no new information on Aerospace jobs in/out of California.
Other blogs are doing a better job of the inventory buildup and credit crunch. (If you haven't been following the bond market... you're not going to know what's about to happen.)

So I'm doing a little personal post on what the attitude is among the many people I run into.

Home sellers: Quite a few in my day to day selling. Most are arrogant; they *know* they'll get they're price. Funny... none of those guys talk about having sold a property... One coworker just cut his price $50k, sold, and knows he got lucky. Another sat down with me and has agreed to start cutting his price to move the place. Another is just paralyzed. He isn't ready to admit his home has lost $50k to $100k of value... so he just quotes his realtor.

Planes: I work in aerospace, so it shouldn't surprise you that I run into pilots day in and day out. They're always talking planes. "I'm now commuting in a commander as its 20 knots faster than my old cessna... yea, moved the engine over..." Normally, there are photos on the walls of the planes they're thinking of buying... Not today. Every is selling. Some really neat planes have been sold by my coworkers (including a WWII soviet YAK!). All are putting their planes on the block.

boats: The discussions on boat buying are just gone... even those that race have stopped talking about it...

I'm thinking the indefatigable American consumer is taking a breather.

When will they start up again?

No stats... but a definitive change from 6 months ago...

Got popcorn?

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