Thursday, November 20, 2008

End of the Economic world!

Not really...

But the Yugo is exiting production.

I find it ironic that its demise is mostly due to it no longer being the cheapest car in the world. I also feel bad as I've been making fun of Yugos since 1989. ;) I had no clue they were still in production!

The factory is being upgraded to produce "anti-credit crisis car."

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John said...

How is the offspring doing?

wannabuy said...


Thank you for asking. Very well! But now is in the habit of waking up TWICE at night. Ugh! What is that sleep thing I hear my single friends talk about? ;)

Oh, I find the apartment hunting spam funny. The best values are either in the local little papers (as old time owners who can afford to rent cheap advertise there) or on craigslist.

Why would anyone pay a less prolific site to advertise? That would be like selling an old nicknack somewhere besides e-bay...

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