Thursday, January 17, 2008

One year of "Got Popcorn?"

The earliest post I can find where I used "Got Popcorn?" is January 6th, 2007.



baddriver said...

has it only been a year? wow, seems like forever now.

tj & the bear said...

What baddriver said!

Here's to many more...

wannabuy said...

I 2nd TJ, here's to many more!

It does seem like a lot longer. Oh, I've been blogging for a long time. But I'm talking about using "Got Popcorn." :)


Anonymous said...

i like your posts Neil.
i look to your posts to give me some added objectivity as we descend through these times. you hear so much with the MSM regarding it's the bottom etc. i really like the perspective you give with that MSM background. especially the fact that it has really just begun. with all the hoopla going on right now...i can't believe what it will sound like when it really hits the fan. because of your blog and other alternative voices...i got into bearx in sept. thanks a million and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Neil - no offense but that "got popcorn" tagline is sooo tedious and trite. Please move on to something else...

wannabuy said...


How come you haven't gotten a username? You do realize the whole point of my signature is to note that the economic consequences of the housing bubble are going to be something either to worry about or something we can sit back and spectate on?

I cannot help but notice, but the only ones who have an issue with my signature are housing bulls.

Got popcorn?

Anonymous said...

"You do realize the whole point of my signature is to note that the economic consequences of the housing bubble are going to be something either to worry about or something we can sit back and spectate on?"

I do. First time I saw it I thought it was an effective way of getting that point across. After a while though, it just got seriously annoying. Now the popcorn thing is seriously sooo played out.

Why am I anonymous? Maybe I do have a screenname and am generally an ally of yours on other sites. Maybe too I wanted to say it here anonymously instead on said other sites where there is alot more comment traffic. Maybe too I am embarassed in that I dont want you to know who "I" am, lest you think less of me on such other sites.

Just my 2 cents.

wannabuy said...


Fair enough. I respect listening to your 2 cents. :)

But since this market hasn't played out... not even close. I'm going to enjoy my tagline. Sadly, we're going to be spectating as the market corrects.

But do understand, I have quite a few friends who get a kick out of my tagline. There will be time to retire it... in about 2010. Long after we retire 'trout and Joshua tree' jokes. ;)


Justin said...

Keep on with the popcorn line Neil!

Orville Redenbacher would have been proud!

What other tag line would be as effective?

Got your movie Ticket?

Got Goobers? Got Raisinettes? Those are trademark names so you would need expressed permission to use them.

Nope, "Got popcorn" is the best tagline, indicating that this flick has not only started, but you DON'T want to have to leave your seat for a popcorn refill.

Make sure you get the Extra-Extra-Extra large size for this super long double feature.

Anonymous said...

i agree with justin's thoughts.
look at the 600 pt. swing today.
PPT anyone? i don't know, but i have a hunch that this financial CDO/sub-prime/prime/alt-a/cc/car loan tranch thing that was sold to pension funds and their ilk-with fancy math meant more to give the mark(pension funds etc.) plausible(or seemlingly so) reason/basis to continue to get better returns than they normally would expierience. who could argue? it worked for years? but when the music stops....we are going to be seeing enron-like consequences. problem is that this is not one company. this is the entire global financial system with a rotten termite infestation. i agree that it has just begun and the "got popcorn" theme is perfect for the drama of drams about to play out...especially here in the states. Greenspan already played out out our mulligan to keep the good times rolling by transfering the internet bubble to us housing..there are no rabbits left in the hat.

Anonymous said...

It's true, "Got xxx?" is played out in general, BUT I have to admit that when I see it in the bubble blogs, I get the warm fuzzies. I think it's actually a conditioned response that I have because I've always enjoyed Neil's comments--all the way back to January 2007 or even earlier???

Regardless, I'm sure the community has enough respect for Neil to allow him to either continue or retire the popcorn...

Anonymous said...

I would like:

1)Your comments on the Fannie conforming going to 620/720-whatever it is.

My hunch is that it will keep status quo in a few of the areas you had your eye on for several more years.


2) LA Times article written by a coulmnist that talks about how he is foreclosing on his condo(150k underwater) but before he mailed in the keys he bought another place!!! and he wrote an article on it!!! I saw it on calculated risk blog....Please opine. Can you legally do this??? A lot of people are screaming about it...

wannabuy said...

Anon 5:00:00 (nice timing)

I really thought the Fannie/Freddie conforming limit increase was a done deal. However... calculated risk has an article on how the bond buyers are demanding a meeting as they want not part of that risk or... all mortgages will have to pay the 'jumbo premium.'

So I think the increase will occur, but I also think downpayments and DTI will have to be adjusted. I'm not sure about what can be done about bond buyers dislike of how jumbo mortgages refi more often on interest rate down swings...

So in summary, a lot more thought will have to go into 'conforming jumbos.' Otherwise, it will seize up Fannie and Freddie.

Got popcorn?