Sunday, October 21, 2007

What to expect in coming week

This coming week could be interesting. We're in earning reporting season, a financial crunch, and the NAR reporting on existing home sales. The graph comes from the following link:

WSJ article

Notice one thing from the graph? The plunge in seasonally adjusted home sales only "paused" during the normally really slow January/February months. In other words, the worst months of the year didn't behave horridly, but every other month has been performing far worse than seasonal norms.

Countrywide reporting on Friday should be exciting. Any predictions?

Don't forget to look at foreign stock markets:
All I'm seeing (today 10/21/2007) is red.

I send out my best wishes to those impacted by the fires. The Laguna fires from my days down in the OC left quite a memory (we were the next section scheduled for evacuation prior to containment of the fires). I'm not at my place right now, but one of the fires supposedly stopped 1.5 miles away. Oh joy, lots of ash in my stuff. :( But that is nothing compared to anyone who lost their home. Or might that be good luck for some FB's? ;)

Got popcorn?


Anonymous said...

hope you guys are doing okay. stay clear of the fires and keep us posted. ~lorna

tj & the bear said...

Picked up some SRS & SKF in anticipation of this week's reports. Hopefully they won't disappoint.

p.s.: Two days in a row I've seen a water-dropper over Griffith Park behind us; methinks there are little fires everywhere we're not hearing about.

wannabuy said...

Doing well.

TJ, there are a ton of fires. My friends in the emergency service sector are going nuts.

Sadly, the fires seem to be continuing...