Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tire shards

I've been having to go up to Palmdale a bit lately (thankfully counter-traffic). What I cannot help but notice is the huge quantity of tire fragments on the road. Is this due to the heat? Those malfunctioning Chinese tires? Or are people trying to save a buck and riding on worn out tires for a mile too many? I do not have a direct YOY comparison, so I'll have to withhold judgment. But if anyone has a link to a web page describing any trend on vehicle safety due to people being stupidly cheap on tire replacement, I would love to peruse.

Got popcorn?


Rob Dawg said...

Overweight trucks.

Anonymous said...


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wannabuy said...

While I doubt anyone will read this observations from the last few days:

Two Ford Ranger pickups shredded their tires on the 14.

One Camry had a blowout

Some type of minivan was pulled over to change a tire.

A full size pickup was being assisted in a tire changer (5 or 10 year old Chevy).

An old civic drove by me with one tire replaced by the spare.

A Kia drove by me with one tire replaced by the spare.

Excuse me?!? I'm not a slow driver (but I try not to be the fastest) and I'm being passed by people riding on their limited use (mini) spare tire?!?

Got popcorn?