Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Effin' birthday

Today is my birthday.

Had one of the worst days at work in years...

Let's put it this way, at the evening standup, I reported and left. When asked where I noted "Great Effin' birthday for me."

Don't do this unless you have coverage, bosses who like you, VP's who know your name (due to good work), etc.

It was one of those days.

But now its better. :)

So I'm just relaxing and celebrating with my wife. :)

She's cooking some wonderful rack of lamb, made my favorite cake, and otherwise is treating me wonderfully!

To my friend who gave us the bottle of Taittinger for the wedding. Its open and being consumed fast. My wife loves it! Thank you! I'm in heaven (sorry... I'm a budget wine snob). ;)

As to real estate and the economy... I don't think the market will crash during the summer. Come September or October... oh yea! If it crashes in July or August, I'm signing up for TJ's uber-bear class. ;)

I'm also moving my money out of the country (damn... some in time, some too late.. cest la vie). I'm thinking low cost providers of good quality alcohol. (Yea.... let's make investment decisions while consuming champagne...) Seriously though... when times get bad, people drink hard. Yes, top price products stop selling, but I'm betting two buck chuck sales go up 300%! (But is that enough to buy stock in Trader Joes???)

Dinner time!
Got popcorn? (not really on the menu tonight...)


Anonymous said...


So you're 21 at last, ;)
and can now enjoy the joys of alcohol.


wannabuy said...


Yea... don't tell the cops about the 5 cases of wine in the apartment. ;) Oh wait, its legal now. :P


tj & the bear said...

Happy Birthday, popcorn man!

Pardon my ignorance, but what's a "standup"?

wannabuy said...

A "standup" is a style of meeting in large organizations. Basically, all managers (and sometimes senior/lead engineers) are expected to be mentally "on their feet" knowing the exact status of their groups, issues, problems, resource allocations, etc.

I'll do a typical example:
1. One team might be working on a computer design. Their issues with hardware and software design and any help they need.
2. Another team might be doing stress analysis.
3. Yet another is actually building stuff.
4. Another team is working with dangerous chemicals in a clean room.

If I can keep stuff on schedule shifting my own people between my projects, I might only mention if one very important engineer is now working in a different building this week.

However, at times other people need my engineers (or vice versa) to keep on schedule. Thus we negotiate at the "standup." We also negotiate for certain equipment if we need to use it other than schedule (e.g., lathes, mills, welders, forklifts, chemicals, x-ray machines, clean rooms, etc.)

There are two a day at the start of shifts(1st shift, 2nd shift). 3rd shift is simpler, one manager just "owns it." Sadly that was me for about 100 days two years ago (but it got me to where I am). No, I was not managing janitors (they work an early 1st shift in aerospace). Usually you do dangerous stuff on 3rd shift. (Unless wiring is behind schedule; then their 2nd team gets to work the graveyard.)

Got popcorn?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday old man - where can I send you some popcorn?

Jim the Realtor