Sunday, January 28, 2007

Seperation of Church and Real estate

Boy did I notice it when the pastor noted that "for six months, we've been seeing declining attendence." Don't worry, my blog isn't about to be about religion. But sometimes you overhear something at an event that has repercusions on real estate.

Today was the anual "state of the church" service. Less religion, more the facts of how the church is doing.

So the question is, are we truely seeing an exodus from the south bay? This audience would have been primarily drawn from four south bay cities. Are they losing population that quickly? I look onto zipreality and find 97,313 homes in the "greater Los Angeles region" for sale. A little high... That's about 8 months of sales. Enough to effect attendence at something like a church? I doubt it.

So no answer here... just a question. What would have effected people for the last 6 months? This is a new definative trend. I think its economic related (but I could be wrong). It could just be the annoying remodeling that's going on. ;)

We'll see. But I don't think young families with kids can afford to migrate into the south bay... and that would be cutting off institutions of all types from growing their membership... Hmmm... Just something to ponder.

Got popcorn?

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